Home Inspection Testimonials

“During our home inspection, All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. inspector was helpful with the use of an excellent inspection report. His knowledge of the property and recommendations were a tremendous help. He was able to keep the technical terms simple and made it easy for myself to understand. Professional, Knowledgeable and Sincere was the lasting impression David left me with.”

Thank You! Frank D.

“David … My wife and I have purchased many homes across the country and have had other inspections in the past. You are by far the best inspector we have ever had. Your thoroughness and disposition concerning our needs was truly appreciated. You are a professional and we will tell everyone about All Pro Home Inspectors Inc..”

Thank You, Jim G.

“David, Thank you for your thorough, informative, and educational inspection of the home in Ponte Vedra Beach,FL yesterday. Bruce told me you were the best, and he was right. I very much appreciated your impressive attention to detail.”

Sam & Sue P.

“All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. inspected our new house. David explanations were easy to understand. He also located a heat exchanger problem during the inspection and provided that this is a potential health hazard and recommended that a qualified HVAC contractor review and repair as needed. He saved us a lot of grief and money. We have had other inspectors in the past, but your approach and attention to detail made this purchase much easier. We will refer you to others.”

Thanks David!”Jerry & Tina H.

“We had a flood and our first floor was damaged. After hearing that All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. was conducting mold analysis we called David. My entire family was experiencing many symptoms of mold exposure. David’s knowledge and communication to us was priceless. Others had given us the run around and the lack of assistance was everywhere. David brought his testing equipment to our house, and inspected and collected samples for analysis. Unfortunately, we have a serious mold problem. David has been there for us and was able to provide us with answers and referrals to others.

Laurie C., Jacksonville

As a single woman on her first home purchase I was comfortable with All Pro Home Inspectors Inc.. He lead me through the inspection, explaining in simple and easy to understand terms, educating me on the intricacies of my new 30 year-old home.

The report he produced was well organized, printed on the spot and included relevant full-color photos he took during the inspection. I know I will use it as a resource in years to come.

Shawna W., Jacksonville

David, Thank you very much for your wonderful inspection, it was a useful tool in our purchase. You are truly a professional and a very knowledgeable person. We just wanted to let you now we went ahead and bought the home. We love it here. We have and will continue to recommend you.

Bill & Sandy L., Ponte Vedra Beach