Foundation should be strong and Good Home inspection services is the best level

I did an All Pro Home Inspection on the newer home – lower than one year old.

The client couldn’t understand why there have been a lot of stress cracks beginning to happen all through the interiors. Doors ran out of true and plumb were becoming hard to operate, the floors steep and also the hardwood floors began to reveal large gaps on areas.

Right after a geologist eliminated any soil issues I entered the crawl space to check things out.

This didn’t take very long to discover several framing oddities. There have been shims included with the sill plate to compensate for the bumpy ground in areas, there were 2 sill plates added in at parts of the foundation rather than one, horizontal beams didn’t fall into line properly, huge spaces were noted between the top of the concrete and sill plate.

All this funky job added to the fact that someone was trying to compensate for a major fault in the foundation.

After carrying out further investigation I discovered that the foundation had been added five inches out of level from a single end to another. The attempted corrections were not enough as the house was going through much more than usual settlement.

Learn to use a level or transit correctly. It could run you dearly otherwise. To acquire more information about level foundations in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, call up All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. at 904-807-0939 today!

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