Newly Constructed House in Jacksonville FL, Have it inspected

Many people assume if they are buying a brand new house they don’t need to get it inspected. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have seen lots of brand new construction in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, and there are absolutely issues that home All Pro Home Inspectors have found even in fresh new built homes.

Newly constructed houses may have all kinds of problems. The builder employs various subcontractors to perform different systems of the house. Each subcontractor has their own employees. The contractor must orchestrate and keep track of all stages of construction. Perhaps even the very best builders often miss something. Frequently the issues are small and can be easily remedied. Sometimes though, the issues can be more major and if left unrepaired, have severe consequences.

Examples of potential issues include inadequate crawl space air flow or elevated roof shingles allowing rain water to penetrate beneath the shingles.

Once a house is built, there’ll be municipal building All Pro Home Inspections to examine for compliance with applicable building codes. They don’t look for the same things that a house All Pro Home Inspector does. Building codes are the minimum requirements. Often building All Pro Home Inspectors only examine one trade. Sometimes a problem can occur after the All Pro Home Inspector leaves. One trade can unintentionally damage some other trade’s work.

Problems that a house All Pro Home Inspector finds can usually be resolved before the new owner relocating. Relocating into a new home and needing to handle the dust and noise of repairs can be extremely undesirable. Safety pieces just like gas leaks can be handled instantly and not threaten the health of any family member. It’s much better if the builder can deal with any important repairs just before the new house owners take up residence.

Have a house All Pro Home Inspection even though the home of your dreams was finished the previous day. A licensed house All Pro Home Inspector will guarantee that all the home systems are operating harmoniously. For additional information about house All Pro Home Inspections in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL call All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. at 904-807-0939 today!

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