Three steps for preserving your AC in Jacksonville FL

Homeowners in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL are aware that their air conditioner definitely makes the difference for the period of hot summer season. However, if you’ve neglected a spring checkup, your unit may not be cooling your home nearly as much as it could. An Ac unit with dirty filters and clogged fins will not just run inefficiently – this may also wear down faster.

Does your AC condenser unit stuffed with dirt and grime? You do not need any kind of specific tools or skills to clean the outdoor unit. At All Pro Home Inspectors Inc., we are not similar to any other house All Pro Home Inspection company. After the All Pro Home Inspection, we still keep in touch with our customers by giving our comprehensive knowledge regarding how to maintain your new property. In case you carry out such simple maintenance methods, not simply will your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL home be cooler, but you could also experience a decline on the monthly electricity bill:

. Make certain the unit is having appropriate airflow. Overgrown plants can block the outdoor unit. Trim the nearby plants back 2 feet within all directions. If your unit is positioned over a mulch bed, take away any mulch which is built up around the condenser.

.Inspect the cooling fins. The thin strips on the unit are called the cooling fins. Such fins should be straight, so realign any bent fins by applying gentle pressure with a butter knife. The knife needs to be inserted not more than 1 / 2 inch.

.Completely clean the AC condenser unit. Turn off the power, and clean off debris using a garden hose by pointing the spray from the inside out. A vacuum cleaner can also help clean away grass cuttings and leaves.

All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. also gives extra helpful information for home owners. For additional tricks and tips, give us a call today at 904-807-0939.

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