Why Home Inspection is necessary in Jacksonville FL?

I did an All Pro Home Inspection on a newer house – less than one year old.

The client couldn’t understand why there were a lot of stress cracks starting to take place all over the interiors. Doors ran out of true and plumb were turning into difficult to operate, the floors steep and the hardwood floors started to show big gaps on areas.

After having a geologist eliminated any soil issues I entered the crawl space to evaluate things out.

It didn’t take very long to discover a lot of framing oddities. There have been shims added to the sill plate to make up for the uneven footing on areas, there were 2 sill plates added in at sections of the foundation rather than one, horizontal supports did not line up correctly, large spaces were observed between the top of the concrete and sill plate.

All of this funky work added up to the fact that someone was attempting to compensate for a major fault in the foundation.

Just after carrying out additional investigation I found that this foundation had actually been poured five inches away from level from one end to the other. The tried corrections were not enough since the home was going through more than usual settlement.

Learn to use a level or transit properly. It could run you very much otherwise. For additional information about level foundations on Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, contact All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. at 904-807-0939 right now!

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