Home Inspections are very much useful in Jacksonville FL

All of the All Pro Home Inspectors here at All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. get asked by our Ponte Vedra Beach, FL home buyers from time to time if particular improvements or additions identified (or exposed by the sellers) should be or should have been permitted. Our answer generally depends upon exactly what was modified, changed or added to the home in question. Over the years and after performing thousands of pre-purchase All Pro Home Inspection reports, we’ve discovered that most house buyers, house sellers, and house owners do not know what must be permitted vs what might not need to be permitted. The following list will serve as a good way to start in identifying if the addition or modification must be permitted in accordance with the latest International Residential Code (IRC) manual.

According to the IRC, permits aren’t necessary for the following:

* Unattached one-story accessory structures (tool sheds) lower than or of about two hundred sq.ft.?* Fences lower than or equal to 6 ft., driveways, sidewalks, swings as well as playground equipment?* Retaining walls lower than or of about 4 ft. coming from the base of the ground to the top of the wall & with no surcharge?* Water tanks in grade less than or of about 5,000 gallons & height/width ratio less than or of about 2:1?* Tiling, painting, carpeting, cabinets, counter & similar finish work?* Awnings projecting lower than or equal to fifty four inches from exterior wall & supported from wall?* Decks less than or of about 200 sq. ft. & lower than or equal to thirty inches above grade and not attached with home or serving a mandatory exit door

We wished to provide this list of what normally could be done to your home without a permit in accordance with the latest IRC to help clear up a number of the confusion for our home buyers, owners, and sellers. If what you’re planning to build drops outside the list above it’s safe to assume that a permit is needed. However, the local city/county building official has the final say concerning what should be permitted. So before you build make sure to call your local building department to prevent troubles and hefty fines in the future.

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