Maintaining Your AC Condenser Unit Jacksonville Florida

House owners in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL know that their air conditioner definitely makes the difference in the course of hot summer season. Nonetheless, if you’ve ignored a spring check-up, your unit might not be cooling your home nearly as much as it could. The Ac unit with clogged fins and dirty filters will not just work inefficiently – it may also wear out faster.

Does your AC condenser unit filled with dirt and grime? You no longer need any special tools or skills to clean the outdoor unit. At All Pro Home Inspectors Inc., we aren’t like any other house All Pro Home Inspection firm. Right after the All Pro Home Inspection, we still stay in touch with our customers by offering our comprehensive understanding regarding how to sustain your new home. When you carry out such simple maintenance methods, not only will your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL house be cooler, but you might also see a drop on the monthly utility bill:

. Make sure the unit is getting appropriate air flow. Overgrown plants could obstruct the outdoor unit. Cut the nearby plants back two feet in all directions. If your unit is positioned on a mulch bed, eliminate any thick mulch that’s built up across the condenser.

.Examine the air conditioning fins. The very thin strips in the unit are called the cooling fins. Those fins must be straight, so realign any bent fins by using light pressure having a butter knife. The knife must be inserted not more than one half inch.

.Clean the AC condenser unit. Shut off the power, and clean off dirt with a hose by pointing the spray from within. A vacuum cleaner can also help clean away grass clippings as well as leaves.

All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. also gives further helpful information for homeowners. For additional tricks and tips, give us a call right now at 904-807-0939.

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